Hot and spicy, Hot or Spicy. Is there a difference?


Welcome back to another random rant on a food related topic. But!! This time round your opinions are sort after. Recently, a friend sent me a tweet saying that spicy isn’t a flavor, it’s a feeling of pain and people are just in love with this feeling of pain. However, I would like to beg to differ because I think that hot and spicy are not one and the same thing.

Ok! Hear me out, I think a meal can be spicy and not necessarily hot and vice versa, hot but not spicy. Generally though, we tend to mix the two together. For example, you could be making a bean stew to eat with you rice or chapatis and in this stew, you use your veggies such as onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, salt…nothing to fancy. But then, you decide to throw in a few pieces of chillies (or a lot, depending on your heat levels). That stew is definitely gonna be too hot to handle for some but that doesn’t necessarily make it spicy.

In this same bean stew, in addition to the veggies you got simmering in your pot, you could decide to throw in a few herbs and spices such as rosemary leaves, a curry powder, a masala or some royco cubes if you wish and do away with the chillies and that plate is definitely gonna be spicy but not necessarily hot. See where I’m going with this?

Many a times, we do tend to go big or go home, by which I mean we’re not gonna make it hot without making spicy, so I can see where the confusion between the two does come in. Buuut you might be cooking for kids and want it spicy with the heat option on the side right?? This doesn’t stop us from calling spicy hot so I guess this is all that a matter of semantics?

Let me know what you think, I would definitely like to know what the popular opinion is as you enjoy those spicy hot wings (see what I did there?)

À plus!

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