My Country Pipo

So on one sunny Wednesday afternoon, I’m busy dying of the heat in the car on this island with a non-functional AC (rather it functions only when it feels like), driving at normal speeds but taking my sweet time because, well, I’ve got time before arriving at the psychologue to deposit the young one there. Not aware of the message that had been sent to my phone 30 minutes before by the psychologist not to be late because, well, I was busy and honestly reminders should be sent at least 1 day before. Otherwise during the day especially Wednesdays, I do not have time to get on my phone. Anyway long story short we arrived 15 minutes late but in my head I was actually on time.

So when she opened her door angry at me but from a distance I could here two female voices speaking in Swahili, I was less concerned by her anger and more interested in this foreign language that was my mother tongue." Excuse me are you speaking swahili?" I asked in Swahili. Of course I knew they were speaking Swahili, but I needed an ice breaker and to keep them frozen there a little while longer while I finished up with the angry psychologist  "From Tanzania...?Congo...?" I countinued. They laughed and responded of course Kenyan Swahili. 

I was so excited, after a whole year on this island to meet my 254 people that my thoughts were all jumbled up. But wait! Excited doesn’t even begin to explain the giddiness that I was feeling inside and leaking through my pores. In my head I had two new friends to explore the island with and put a kenyan twist to the meals. And to reminisce the East African flavors that we had left behind. 

You can imagine the positive surprise I experienced when one of my new friends talked about having our trustee soko maize meal flour and some tropical heat pilau masala among other things. It felt like I was in a lucid dream and I was gonna stay in it as long as I possibly could. I hijacked my new amigos for the rest of the day because not only were they interesting but, making friends of my own gender whom I could vibe with was long over due. I honestly don’t know what tickles the fancy of most french girls and I am not a smoker (not that all are smokers but the majority is), so I haven’t found any I can vibe with. 

A week later, we planned a sleepover for the sake of sharing a proper meal and of course doing whatever it is girls do at sleepovers... not what people imagine. The pilau and chapatis that we had were just heavenly. I have, from time to time made some pilau here, but it’s safe to say that the pilau masala here isn’t as potent as what we have back home. And later on when we made some white ugali and greens which were just equally divine as the first meal we had. The last time I saw things like soko maize flour and indomie (yes indomie!), was a while back when we took a little vacay to Mauritius before corona hit. And that too was a pleasant surprise.

As the holidays approach I can’t wait to come together again and share the flavors of East Africa, the African way, with a lively duo to make the eating experience even better! Till then, see y’all on fine platter of edible delight!

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