Meet the J in the Title

Hi, I’m Julie but most of my friends call me Jules (Julez). I am the other half of KnJ and hopefully, you will get to know a bit more about me through this post.

Krysse and I met in high school. I would like to say that the friendship was instantaneous but best believe it was not. I used to think Krysse talked too much and I would wonder where she generally gets the oxygen to keep talking. Surprisingly, somewhere down the line, we did become friends. Krysse would insist that I should be a leg model (she still insists) and this would bring up conversations about several different topics, Personally, I am a great nerd and bookworm so generally, I am introverted, or at least I appear introverted when compared to Krysse. So you can understand why our bonding took some time but here we are 10 years down the line and she is someone I consider a sister (simply because calling her ‘friend’ is not enough for our relationship).

I do thank God that I met Krysse because it is through her that I fell in love with food. Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved food for as long as I can remember. Nevertheless, my love for cooking and creating edible art came about after Krysse and I started living together. She was so passionate about cooking so it turned out she would prepare most of our meals and I would wash the dishes later. As I mentioned before, Krysse is a chatterbox and because of this, I would spend time with her in the kitchen as she was cooking just so that I don’t miss any of her stories. It was through this interaction that I developed an interest in cooking and we would spend so much of our time coming up with our own recipes for meals and if I do say so myself, we have come up with some damn good recipes over time.

While we were not cooking, we were living our best lives. I am not exaggerating anything here. The experiences Krysse and I have had deserved to be documented from the word go, but we were never serious about actually doing that until recently. She has been the Yin to my Yang for as long as I can remember. It was through our adventurous spirits that we realized we could actually make money from our cooking. After all, it already got praise from family and friends so why not see what the world out there thought? Needless to say, it was a hit and thus Krysse and Julez was born.

While Krysse has always been the face associated with the food, I like to think of myself as the behind the scenes person. You know how in every band there is that one person whose role you are not quite sure of but you know they do play a vital part in the success of the band? I feel like that is me. For a long time I always said to Krysse that I would go study marketing and branding as that is where I felt my heart was and that’s where I thought I would largely contribute to our business. A few years later down the line, here I am pursuing the said course for the betterment of our business! Meanwhile, life has driven my best friend a thousand miles away from me as she pursues her dream of becoming a renowned chef.

Nevertheless, together or apart, Krysse and Julez is growing better and establishing its space in the culinary and digital world. I hope that you will join us in our journey of food, life, books and so much more!

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