Sep 18, 2020

Pain au Beurre

Sep 25, 2020

Le Quatre Quart

Jul 17, 2021


Meet the J in the Title

Hi, I’m Julie but most of my friends call me Jules (Julez). I am the other half of KnJ and....

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My Country Pipo

So on one sunny Wednesday afternoon, I’m busy dying of the heat in the car on this island with a....

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Hot and spicy, Hot or Spicy. Is there a difference?

Hola! Welcome back to another random rant on a food related topic. But!! This time round your....

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After Christmas, Comes The Galette Des Rois

Hello again, Being the end of the month of January, I’ve decided to do a little piece on....

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La Réunion : A Foodie’s Perspective

I’ve had this topic for a long time on my mind and wasn’t sure on how to go about it, how much....

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